Welcome To Our Institution

The Institute aims at providing high quality education to trainnees through competence based training in order to develop knowledgable, skilled and trasformed individuals having ability to demonstrate excellence in profession and practice.

we invite you to take time to have a look at the range of courses we offer to suits your availability and pace of learning. in addition to the diploma courses we will hold short seminars to enrich the perceptions and actions for civil society and development actors in relation to some of trends that are informing current development policy

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Courses We Offer

JIT offers Mineral Processing, ICT and Business Operations Assistant (BOA) Courses

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Highly Qualified Tutors

The Institute has specialized and experienced Tutors in practice and theory in all fields.

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Book Library & Stores

The Institute has a beautiful modern library with enough books in every field.

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Yearly Intake Application

Applications are now open

NACTE: March and September.VETA: January and July Application forms are available at the institute, alternatively your can apply online via apply here"---->. .

Diploma Courses
(NTA 5 & 6)

"we warmly welcome our students, new and continueing and commend the staff of Jema institute of technology for Good work"

Certificate Courses
(NTA 4)

"Our students expect a relevant, contemporary learning experience that will prepare them for life and careers in arapidly changing world"


"We involve every aspect of the institute so as to be in a position to attain the standards that will allow our students to excel and be successful."

Hear what our students have to say

Hamza Chituta Says:
"Ever Since I joined this Institute I have been doing a lot of computer practical works that have enabled me to at least know how to work with computers"

Janeth Walter Says:
"I have been doing well in the mining industry because the college operates Mineral processing plants including: Elusion,VAT leaching and modern mining laboratories"

Benezeth Kamihanda

Principal at JIT

"Our college specializes in providing Mining, ICT and Business Training in a conducive environment that align with the modern technology. You are all Welcome."